Wednesday, July 25, 2012

iHelp and a grant

I'm so excited that so many people like the idea of using something similar to the iHelp chart I made for their classroom!! I cannot stress enough, though that the idea wasn't mine! I love Pinterest for that reason! Where else can you find so many ideas and adapt to be your own?!

Several of you have asked me how I plan to use my chart and I must say it took me a while to make up my mind! I wandered in to my coworkers classrooms many times to check out their rooms and see what jobs they have their students. This is what I decided:
- I want my students to have jobs they perform to help teach them responsibility. I have 12 jobs and plan to rotate them out each week. I haven't quite decided how I'll rotate them.
- electrician - responsible for turning out the lights when are out of the room
- computer tech - responsible for turning the computers on and off each morning and afternoon
- paper monitor - responsible for helping pass out papers
- messenger - responsible for carrying notes and such to the office, lunchroom, etc.
- file clerk - responsible for filing papers to be sent home. (We only send home graded papers once a week)
- recycle captain - responsible for getting all of the recycling ready for pick up each Friday. (our awesome resource teacher has a program she does with her kiddos!)
- boys rr monitor - pretty self explanatory.....checks to make sure the boys are all finished
- girls rr monitor - checks to make sure the girls are all finished
- floor monitor - we have tile floors and our custodian can only come in once a day to clean the floors, so they practically stay dirty. If at any time the floor monitor notices a dirty floor, they can sweep or Swiffer!
- lunch count - every morning, we send a count to the lunch room or how many students are getting a hot lunch. I always used to forget, so giving this job to a student will hopefully help!!
- librarian - responsible for helping to keep the classroom library neat and orderly
- substitute - if a student is absent, the substitute can fill in for them

I was working in my classroom Monday and my principal came in to ask me about using technology and if I had any ideas I was planning to use this year. She is applying for a grant with the other principals and she has decided to focus her part on 5th grade language arts! I'm so excited to have the opportunity and have been looking at some really great things online! If you have anything you've done, feel free to share!!


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  2. I love your iHelp sign!!! I nominated you for a couple of awards, stop by and pick them up!!
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  5. please share instructions for your ihelp chart. I would like to make one for our Junior Girl scout troop and use it as a kaper chart for our monthly meetings.

  6. Great idea! I changed it slightly to iFinished and made Maths, Reading, Writing folders etc that held activities that the children could go and grab to independently work on if they finish a task early.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this!!
    Could you possibly give me some tips on how you made it?
    I cannot wait to use this!

  8. I love this helper chart idea and want to use it with my fifth graders. Any suggestions for making it?

  9. How did you make this?

  10. Love your iHelp board. Could you provide details on how you made it. I'll be teaching 4th and 5th graders this year and would really like to use this idea.

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  12. can you please let me know how you made this thanks!